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Fit for business: workshops & 1:1

Corporate coaching for developing public speaking and presentation skills. Grow in confidence behind a video camera, as a team facilitator, or in leading meetings. Gain knowledge with how to combat nerves and learn vocal projection techniques. Represent your company with a professionalism that builds your business.


voice therapy

Vocal coaching for people recovering from illness, MTD and for those needing speech therapy. Additionally, this service is for those who want to learn how to protect their voice from fatigue and strain in order to enhance vocal longevity. Hummingbird Coaching provides tried and tested techniques that really work.


Group singing workshops

From 1-hour to 'Half Day' and 'Full Day' events, Hummingbird Coaching offers informative, interactive and fun-packed workshops. Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced singer wanting to strengthen your foundational knowledge, these vocal coaching workshops have something for everyone.


1:1 singing coaching

For lessons in CCM style singing, speaking, performance, recording and even song-writing. Coaching is offered for males and females from age 7.
Find your voice, find your style. Gain confidence, learn to project and protect your unique voice.


Hummingbird Testimonials

"I am a professional singer and theatre performer. I had a session with Tracey and found it highly beneficial to recap over essential elements that help good tone, such as tension release for example.Tracey worked through exercises with me that challenged my vocal agility, worked my stamina and fine-tuned my ear to pitch. I continue to practice what I learnt and my performances have benefited as a result."
"I am really enjoy myself being taught by Tracey. I am hoping to go into musical theatre one day."
Shaun M
"I can really recommend Tracey from Hummingbird Coaching. Her natural enthusiasm for her subject is infectious and her knowledge of the voice and its mechanics is extremely impressive. I had asked Tracey to help me sustain a specific character voice whilst singing, she gave me a number of tips which I have found extremely useful. Many of the tips Tracey gave, I have put into practice professionally and have genuinely noticed how much easier I have found singing since working with her."
Wink Taylor
"I really enjoy working with Tracey and always look forward to my lesson"
Addie wagenknecht
Artist and Researcher in NYC and Austria
"Tracey Taylor is the most patient and caring coach in the business. She has a unique brand of inspiration, love and technical skill."
Kate Taylor - 'FRICS'
Assessor, Auditor, Trainer, Trustee & APC Coach
"Tracey's understanding of my daughter and my daughter's skills, capabilities are amazing. Great tutor, highly recommended!"
Neeraj, Birmingham
"I love to sing but have have throat problems for quite a while. This has really affected my range and amount of time I can spend singing. Tracey came up with a "prescription exercises" regime for me to try out, based on her studies of vocal health within her course. I have really noticed a difference and my voice is slowly being nurtured back to health.Tracey is more than just a singing teacher. She is an holistic vocal coach who can help in all kinds of areas."
liz perry
Access Radio

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