Group Singing Workshops

Group Singing Workshops

Find and release your resonant voice…

For Singing and Performance:

1-1.5 hour workshops

There are a number of different aspects a 1-hour or 1.5-hour workshop can focus on. There are Foundations Workshops where participants explore sounds their voice can make, re-learn how to breathe as we’ve been designed, understand the breath’s essential support for the voice, learn the benefits of humming and how to hum effectively plus more, and Level Up Workshops following on from Foundations that take us deeper into the science of how the vocal mechanism works, how to access higher notes in a safe and easy way, plus much more… 

Half Day events

If you wish, you can book half a day to include either three 1-hour workshops or two 1.5-hour workshops of your choice, from the ‘1-1.5 hour workshops’ page. These choices can be in sync with one another, such as Foundations 1 followed by Foundations 2, or any combination of workshops from the range. If you click on the ‘More Info…’ link below, you will find examples of workshop combinations. Should you wish to choose other combinations, then please take a look at the extensive selection on the “1-1.5 hour workshops’ page. 

Full Day events (in-house and on-location)

Full day workshops operate from 10am – 5pm. These tend to be a fluid theme throughout broken up into three sessions, with breaks in between each. Session 2 would build upon what has been learnt in session 1 and likewise session 3 would build upon session 2. Session 3 includes a consolidation of everything learnt from the day.

Each participant goes away with a goody bag (or virtual goody bag if online (via email)) which includes extra essential tips and give-aways, exclusively for full-day bookers. 

With all workshops, no-one is ever put on the spot. Any solo partipation is entirely voluntary. The design of each workshop is to be a welcoming place where those who love to sing can learn without any pressure of performing. The group environment facilitates this nicely and of course, it is always easier to come with a friend!


"I went to a full-day workshop and found Tracey so knowledgeable, helpful and fun, that I immediately booked a series of lessons with her after the day was over!"
Elaine Sharples
"The course made people support and help each other as Tracey watched for each person's ability, which allowed everyone to not feel left out and encouraged everyone to take part. My self-esteem grew as the day went on and equally my understanding of my voice, enabling a new level of voice release."
"I was unsure if it was for me, but I found out that it was! I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it."
Jeff Sharples
"I am a singer in a band and came to a full day workshop. I got a lot out of it - I am looking forward to attending the follow-up."
Peter Szczepanski / Peter118
"10/10 - I feel fired up!"
Alastair Watson
"10/10 - The workshop kick-started my connection with my voice. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere -"low-key" yet stretching, too! A good balance."
Rev Denise Hewitson
"I knew I had a unique sound in me that I needed to have the opportunity to explore and allow to come out. The workshop with Trace was really key to finding and unlocking that sound."
Carmen Clarke
"Passionately and enthusiastically delivered!"
Sarah Beardsmore
"Really useful - and inspiring!"
Jan Green