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Below, you will find vlog and blog articles relating to people in both the speaking and singing arenas. Split into two sections, topics related to speakers are located at the top half of the page. You will come across the singers blog section as you scroll further down.

 To a large degree, each vlog / blog section can link to the other, so if you are a speaker for example, you will find subjects within the singers’ blog section that will be of benefit to you, and vice-a-versa.

Vlog / Blog for the Speaker

Corporate and Public Speaking

Public Speaking Enemy #1: Pausing?

Pausing: WHAT A DIFFERENCE PAUSING MAKES… every few little words! What a difference a pause makes and the difference is huge! To some, pausing is

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For the Singer



...for Health.

cracking voice? congestion?

What a 'cracking' voice and congestion during singing could suggest; solutions and how to avoid it.


Always bridge the gap! An introduction to Mix Voice.

Video tutorials

Wakey Warmups

This is the perfect way to warm up a very tired voice, a way of connecting you to effortless singing and a stepping stone to more fuller register-warmups.

Correct use of Jaw and Resonance

It really is incredible just how the little things make such a big difference… The voice really is an instrument. We are all familiar with our own instrument to one degree or another, but there are many ways we can fine tune it to make it better, having an impact on our whole being. Here are a couple of vital ingredients enclosed in this short video.

This short video looks at the importance of mouth shape when we are singing and why it is important not to overstretch the mark.

Achieve differences in laryngeal height

Learn one of the ways to sing higher notes without straining, and the differences in laryngeal height within classical and contemporary singing. There are exercises contained within.


From the hum, experience the balance of your voice and introduction to the Mix Voice – the vocal style dominantly used by contemporary CCM singers. Learn what the ‘support’ carrier for your voice is and how to work with it in what Hummingbird Coach Tracey Taylor calls ‘Level 2 Support’. You will experience your voice begin to fly…

Hum-buzz... (part 2)

Introduction to Mix Voice & Support follow on…