Public Speaking:
Corporate Workshops & 1:1

Develop public speaking and presentation skills. Grow in confidence behind a video camera, as a team facilitator or as a leader of meetings. Gain knowledge in how to combat nervousness and learn vocal projection techniques that are key for protecting your voice from strain. Represent your company with a professionalism that builds your business.

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How To Navigate The Workshops

Choose the workshop that best meets your group’s skill level. Each workshop (PS1, 2, 3 and so on) is designed to follow on from the other in terms of development, so if your group has never done a public speaking workshop before, you may wish to start with Public Speaking 1. NB: If the workshop has been conducted online, a recording will be made and the video sent out to each participant.

Public Speaking 1

Gain those essential foundations for confidence building and approach as a public speaker, whether in front of an audience or a camera. Let that natural authority begin to emanate!

In this 2 hour practical, visual and discussion workshop, we look at the above and in addition, take a brief scientific look at the vocal mechanism, how movement can help your presentation and release your voice, some basic vocal warm ups and the importance of mental preparation and more, finishing off with a Q & A time.

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Public Speaking 4

Following on from PS3 you are now ready for PS4 Projection 2.

This 2 hour workshop will embark on vocal strengthening exercises, building upon the warmups you have been establishing from previous sessions, which build up vocal muscle and stamina. 

Learn how to get someone’s attention by raising your voice in a safe and effective manner.

We will venture into theatre stage presence, with the opportunity to go into break-out rooms to put all you have learnt so far into practice through play-script reading. 

Note, that as it has been learnt from PS2, this is performing but not an act. By now, each participant should be on the road to developing ‘natural charisma.’ 

(Ref: PS4)

Public Speaking 2

Learn how to develop natural charisma. Exude stage presence, confidence and authority to gain and keep your audience’s attention. This will entail going deeper into breathing and posture support and how these foundations are essential in exuding this natural charisma.

We will look at essential aids for ‘SOS’ tension release that can be applied during mid-performance flow. You will also be introduced to ‘anchoring’, learn about the power of the hum, the different pitches your voice creates as you speak and how to work with this in a speaking context.

Learn how to approach key words through specific vocal exercises and *role play.

*There is no participation pressure

(Ref: PS2)

Public Speaking 3

You’ve completed PS1 & 2, so now it’s time for PS3. Add to the knowledge you have gained so far on voice support your essential ‘Vocal Mechanism Wake-Up Call’ warm-up, and you’re good to go for PS3’s Projection 1: 

Learn how to project your voice from a safe place. Together with learning more about the application of anchoring, discover the impact that vowel and consonant combinations have on your voice and how to approach them so you can experience vocal release and freedom from strain.

Learn and experience how your lower abdominals interact in the whole procedure of supporting your voice, so that other key muscles don’t have to. In this 2 hour workshop, we will also take a look at the roles of enunciation and articulation.

(Ref: PS3)

Public Speaking 5

In this 2 hour workshop, the focus is specifically on the speaker being in an outside environment. Speaking outside is always a lot more demanding, but what if you have poor quality of sound to work with or worse still, no microphone to amplify your voice at all?

Taking a look at and knowing how to deal with the worst possible scenario, makes speaking to a large room full of people seem like a walk in the park. This is where you will find your experiential knowledge from PS4 very useful.

This workshop also looks at the differing dynamics between a small and large group and how to pick your venues to help maximise your presentation delivery. We look at advanced articulation and more support/stamina vocal warmups to prepare you for larger and outside venues.

(Ref: PS5)

1:1 Coaching in public speaking

There are two avenues you can travel down with 1:1 coaching in public speaking. The recommended route is to attend a group workshop first, then if further 1:1 is required relating to any of the subject matter covered within the workshop, you can get in touch and book yourself in for an initial session (or more). Attending a group workshop is recommended because it is a faciltating time where often each participant learns from the other, as well as from the coach.

There is no pressure to perform in front of anyone and within a day or two, each participant will receive a bespoke video of the workshop to keep for reference. This is a cheaper option to go for, as it will become clear to the person during the session what aspects need more attention, [before moving on to the follow-up workshop], and what they would value extra 1:1 on (such as breathing technique, for example).

However, a person is very welcome to book in for 1:1 coaching from the outset, should they wish not to attend a workshop. These sessions normally last 1 hour. If you are wishing to put forward an employee for 1:1 by-passing the workshop route, then please state Ref code Corporate 1:1 in the subject line of the booking form below.

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