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I’m Tracey Taylor, a qualified practitioner of The Voice College, London, and I am passionate about vocal health.
The Hummingbird's Mission

I’d like to open with a story. In 2018, A lady named Janine contacted me explaining how she had been diagnosed with Dysphonia. For the past 12 months the condition had seriously impinged on her career as a teacher, causing her to step down from work for weeks at a time. During this period her voice would heal enough to return, only to find herself in pain after just 30 minutes of teaching some days. And so the cycle would continue…

Having been to numerous doctors throughout this time, eventually one of them said to her, “You might like to try singing. I’ve heard the techniques can help…” 

"I have Muscle Tension Dysphonia and even after one session I can feel the tension release."
Janine K

– This was Janine’s review after our first session together. 

It was wonderful to go on Janine’s journey of vocal recovery with her and to witness how, through her tenacity to practice and the support she gained from the children she taught, her voice muscles were beginning to heal and strengthen. She was learning how to work with, recover from and prevent MTD, and maintain her fragile instrument. After a few weeks, Janine found she was able to go from 30 minutes of teaching to at least 2 hours in one day, 2-3 times a week. This was real progress!

As Janine continued to grow in the nurture of her voice, the winter season approached and suddenly something happened to me. I caught a virus. This virus attacked my vocal cords and for days, I had virtually no voice. I began to get concerned when a couple of weeks down the line although I was getting better physically, vocally, my voice was still pretty beaten. I had taken for granted how easy it was for me to produce sound, let alone speak and sing with strength and power. In fact, I hadn’t ever really thought about it – until I had to come to terms with the very real possibility of a career change. 

I revisited my mentor Per Bristow and his teaching on vocal recovery. His technique combined with my own experimentation and understanding, nurtured my voice back to vocal health. However, it took time and a lot of patience. A few weeks into January of 2019, there was a marked difference. However, it took the best part of 6 months to feel significantly healed. Two years later, my vocal muscles are at a better place than they have ever been. I have learnt much more about how to care for my voice, how to apply preventative measures and importantly, the steps to vocal recovery. 

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"I was recommended to learn singing techniques to help my voice become stronger, after having throat cancer surgery. After a few sessions with Tracey, I was delighted when family and friends started commenting on the difference it was making!"
Paul G

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