The Hummingbird's Mission

Life-changing 5-fold Mission of Hummingbird Coaching: Want it?

The Ultimate Mission of the Hummingbird Coach...

The mission of Hummingbird Coaching is five-fold:

1) The Mission: To help individuals grow in confidence from the place of a healthy self-esteem, not ego.

2) The Mission: To embrace your accent and even love your accent. So what if you’re not ‘Queen’s English’?

3) The Mission: To coach [contemporary] singers, public speakers and teachers to a professional level: coaching in the arenas of vocalising and performance, looking at each individually and then merging them together to make the whole package! To be there for absolute beginners, to those making a living from using their voice.

4) The Mission: To create sound healthily for the longevity of your voice box; to teach maintenance, prevention and restoration.

5) The Mission: To help you bring down any ‘self-defence’ mechanisms, so that you can come across as authentically you.


Hi, Tracey Taylor of Hummingbird Coaching here.

What I love about what I do is seeing people grow in confidence, feeling good about who you are. It’s really incredible I find, how much our voice tells us about ourselves. And I find it absolutely amazing when we reconnect with the way we have been designed, with the way that we have been designed to move and to breathe, the transformation that this can bring, not only to our presentation, but importantly to the way that we feel about ourselves.

Something I’m also very keen for you to know about is how I think it is important that you feel you can keep your accent.

Now, if you’re the leader of a company and if you’re someone giving presentations, then of course it’s very important that you come across in the best light possible and with absolute clarity. You want to come across as professional and some people feel that their accent just isn’t professional. Well, that’s where I want to say I disagree. What you want is to come across as authentically you. It’s very easy if you’re someone who doesn’t have Queen’s English, to get hung up on the way that you sound and think that “I have to speak in a different way. Somehow I need to change myself.”

It is important that we’re understood, yes. If you do find yourself with a very broad accent, there are methods of approach that I can work with you on that will help you to come across to your audience clearer. Essentially though, you shouldn’t feel as if you have to change your accent, because it’s a part of who you are.

So, if you feel good about yourself, you’re going to go into that boardroom, you’re going to go on to that stage and give the performance with a healthy self-esteem. People are going to pick up on that. That’s going to make people feel comfortable. It’s going to make people warm to you. They’re wanting to like you, they’re expecting to. They will sense your confidence. They will pick up on your natural charisma and you will win them over.

I’d love to invite you now to look at the videos below. I hope they help you with aspects of your journey. Do get in touch via the contact page if you’d like to connect and discuss with me taking up any further coaching.

Bye for now.

Hummingbird Coaching on YouTube:

Tracey Taylor is a qualified practitioner of The Voice College, based in London. She is passionate about her vision for singers and speakers, focusing on professionalism, vocal health and helping people develop a healthy self-esteem. Trace carries a natural charisma and from years of experience, is in a position to impart this life skill to others.

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